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I guess I should jot down a few wedding memories while they are still fresh in my mind...

It really was amazing. After the initial jetlag hang-ups passed and as people started to arrive our beautiful beach transformed into an exotic version of Camp&Son's: Everywhere we went we ran into our friends - beautiful!

There's a live reef right off the beach that I snorkeled out to a lot and that looks like a tripped out strange planet - hundreds of different kinds of coral and lots of colorful fish.

Haad Salad has accommodations for every budget: from the janky wooden shack right on the water for $9 a night to fabulous suites in grand resorts. We moved between the very simple and the very swank and loved both.

Every night we would eat a big grilled fish fresh from the sea, covered in garlic and herbs.

At $8 an hour there really was no reason not to get a massage every day and these ladies sure know what they are doing.

On my wedding day I insisted that I wanted to get a massage, go for a snorkel and eat a grilled fish before I get married. I got it all but lost a lot of time and had to shower, wash and do my hair and make-up and get dressed in 40 minutes flat. Probably world record for a bride. But hey - it was worth it.

The ceremony was amazing. We did it on a sandbank that connected the beach to an island: between two bodies of water and two bodies of land with a dramatic sunset behind us and dragonflies flying between us. Because our group was so small we were able to do a truly intimate ritual and had everybody drop their cameras for a while and hold us tight in a circle of energy.

And just to have all this time with friends and family - days for them all to meet and get to know each other. This was such a good idea!

Our trip to the Krabi province was an adventure. We kayaked through caves and swam waterfalls. We explored a famous cave with an opening in shape of a skull and ghostly cave paintings that date back 3000 years when a huge storm hit with thunder and lightning - very Indiana Jonesy. We had great times in not-so-famous Krabi Town where we found the *real* Thailand we had been looking for.

In the end the three weeks were way too short but that's how it goes when you have to work. I can't wait to go on the next big trip. Hopefully next year.

Next week I will deal with all the paperwork to change my name etc. The feeling of being married doesn't come all at once. It comes in little steps. It starts when you move in together, then you make long term plans, work on big projects like trying to buy a house or plan a family, you consolidate your accounts, get into the groove of truly running a joint household and eventually have that ceremony but in the end there's so much more legal stuff to follow that it seems like you keep getting married for months and that's actually very nice.

More pictures very soon.
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