jessicaberlin (jessicaberlin) wrote,

Nothing can touch me...

... because I'm protected by an armor of thick cheese and problems of any kind will simply slide off of it.

Spank and I made our wedding mix this weekend and it came out super schmalzy with extra cheese. We rat packed it and filled it with the new romance of the deepest 80s, we sprinkled it with 70s glitter and even included one of our own songs.

I'm floating on this happy wave while I'm trying to solve unsolvable problems regarding our pending real estate deal which might fall apart in our absence because our lender won't accept a power of attorney ... and and .... and...

I'm letting the fact that the German consulate has lost my passport application and may or may not have a passport for me before Monday just slide off the velveeta coat.

Everything will fall into place because lovers and fools are protected by the gods and in times of pure romance there simply is no space for spoilers.

Here, have some cheese:
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