jessicaberlin (jessicaberlin) wrote,

Last night was all kinds of spiritual

I went to Grace Cathedral for their Tuesday night yoga. Can you imagine doing yoga inside Grace Cathedral to live music? Amazing! Last night they had a guy playing five different instruments including the Didgeridoo and next week they have a harp player.

Then I had dinner with Spank and Polly to discuss our ceremony. I got all kinds of anxious over it which is weird. I've also been doubting my dress lately. Strange... I thought I was above all those jitters. I guess I'm not.

Then I went to bed and had the weirdest nightmare: I dreamed that I'm being attacked by a ghost and it's making me feel very very cold. Then I slowly woke up and was aware that I was in bed covered in three comforters but I was still really really cold and I knew that can't be and wondered if the ghost is real. When I finally awoke all the way I wasn't cold anymore. Very strange.

I just looked up some more wedding traditions and again I got all choked up just reading about it. That happened the last time too and when I gave some of it to Spank to read it happened to him too.

It's deep shit yo!
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