jessicaberlin (jessicaberlin) wrote,

Looks like the new year will be glorious!

I think it's all sorted and we decided to go the adventurous route into the future. Very exciting! The last two days were very glowy, romantic and at peace with the wild ride that we chose 2010 to be.

NYE was spent at a fun little house party surrounded by my klowns. The friends who stayed with us were chill and fun to be around. We went to the movies and saw Avatar and I am quite surprised that such a anti-imperialist pagan hippie love fest can make it to number one at the US box offices without raising too many eyebrows. A good omen for the new decade me thinks.

I was just pondering what this last decade will be looked back as. We don't really know what to call it. The 2000s? Maybe the whole concept of comparing decades will end? I came up with a pretty positive picture: Most of the 2000s were dominated by Bush and the "War on Terror" BS and a general reverting to the dark ages after the fairly enlightened 90s. Then it all turned around and we got an Obama and an economic crisis that shook capitalism at it's very foundation. Environmentalism went from a tree-hugger pipe-dream to an international marketing strategy and music with real instruments had a come-back.

Now where is this all going? I can't wait to find out.
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