jessicaberlin (jessicaberlin) wrote,

The Big Four Oh

I just realized that I'm turning 40 in less than a month. I've been so busy lately I actually didn't think about it until the last couple of days.

Clearly I'm not obsessing about it. This is a bit surprising because in years past I've certainly struggled a little with the fact that I'm aging.

Then again: I've been deeply immersed in planning my wedding, trying to buy a house, trying to finally figure out if I want kids or not, planning a trip to Thailand and another group trip right after I return. All these things don't spell middle-aged to me. They are things that my parents' generation did in their 20s and early 30s. Things that are about planning your future, not looking back at your lost youth.

The things that freaked me out about aging, namely the untimely appearance of deep wrinkles and a significantly lower energy level are things that hit me in my mid-30s. I have since gotten used to them so I'm actually less freaked out about aging now than when I was 35.

It also doesn't hurt that I met the man of my dreams not too long ago and that athletically I'm in the best shape of my life and for once don't have to struggle at all to keep my perfect happy-weight.

I guess that's that. Party on!

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