jessicaberlin (jessicaberlin) wrote,

Name Changing... a huge pain in the ass, yo.

And very very expensive... at least for immigrants.
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That's priceless!

I'll be sure to hire these guys for my appointment with the USCIS.

I won't see you at the Fillmore by the way. It sold out too quickly.
Apparently both nights sold out within 2 hours!
On the other hand, we still can't seem to get any info regarding guest list etc etc from MGMTs mgmt. :(
You also don't seem to be announced as the supporting act anywhere...

Let's focus on the positive: If all goes according to plan your first performance at the legendary Fillmore will be two sold out nights - not too shabby! :)
The show wasn't even advertised in last week's Weekly or Guardian.
That's okay, if the kids get sassy with us, I'm gonna play Sister Ray for 45 minutes in Homage to The Velvet Underground who played on the same stage!
Take THAT Flower Children! >:D